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Buffalo Bills don't want to keep Corey McIntyre

The Buffalo Bills initially showed interest in re-signing fullback Corey McIntyre, but apparently that interest is no longer there. That likely has to do with what new Bills head coach Doug Marrone wants, because he doesn’t seem to be a fan of traditional fullbacks and would rather employ an H-back like incoming rookie Chris Gragg (Arkansas Razorbacks TE) instead.

Per the Buffalo News, “Maybe you can put [Gragg] in the backfield, and I think that you’ll start to see more of that as we go forward and what style we’re playing,” Marrone said. “I think you look in college, you really have to go and find what maybe we, showing our age, remember with the true fullbacks.

“You’ll see more of that probably hybrid tight end. And those are things that I’m looking at.”

A “hybrid tight end”? That sounds like Marrone is all over Gragg, and the Bills certainly do have plans for their new rookie TE. If the Bills really do need a lead blocker, then the Buffalo News adds that star defensive tackle Kyle Williams will come in for some truly interesting sets in short-yardage situations (mostly on the goal-line).

Corey McIntyre had simply run his course of need in Buffalo, and it will be interesting to see where McIntyre ends up. However, leaving the Bills is the best move for both sides, and this is something his agent reflected in a statement.

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  • NWBill

    Agreed. This isn’t a “pure fullback” league at the present time … and it’s questionable whether it will ever return to that type of position. So, in that light, this is yet another good move for the Bills that we’ve seen from them.

  • chas territo

    bill, i, too agree. corey we knew you well.. luck to you. GO BILLS!!

  • Joe Soriano

    Charles and Bill, I also agree with both of you. Teams (like the Pats and now the Bills) are scrapping the whole “true FB” role and are instead looking at more versatile H-backs. McIntyre was of great service to the Bills, but it was time to move on and pursue a system that works better in this league.