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New York Jets to take good look at Geno Smith

West Virginia Mountaineers quarterback prospect Geno Smith has been mocked to the New York Jets in some 2013 NFL Mock Drafts, including a mock done by New England Patriots beat writer Mike Reiss. Although the Jets are expected to stay put with Mark Sanchez and David Garrard, the team could definitely take a quarterback like Smith in the second-round. In fact, Smith could be a very good value for the Jets with the 39th pick after his fall out of the first round. The Jets were never expected to take Smith in the first round, but nobody has ruled out the Jets taking Smith in the second.

In fact, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that the Jets “will take a good, hard look at Geno Smith today.” Smith’s tumble has been met with quite some frustration by the West Virginia product, as it was Florida State’s E.J. Manuel who was the first quarterback taken off the board. Could two AFC East teams draft quarterbacks in the first two rounds?

The Jacksonville Jaguars, Arizona Cardinals, and Philadelphia Eagles are three teams drafting before the Jets who could potentially take Geno Smith off the board then, and I don’t think the Jets will be too upset if Smith is taken off the board before them. But if he is still around at 39, the Jets will indeed have to take a close look at Smith.

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  • Guest

    Wasn’t even picked in the first round, what a SHOCK!
    The big baby said, ” I ain’t even hangin’ ’round for Friday! I’m goin’ home.
    Does anybody see this guys attitude problem yet?

    • Joe Soriano

      Thomas, I’ve read pieces stating that Geno Smith does indeed have character issues that have fallen a bit under the radar. But I think it is a stretch the mistake disappointment for immaturity. What will be telling is how he uses this event and his mindset going forward; that will tell us his character based on this event.

      • Guest

        Great point, Joe. I agree!
        I was just venting to some of the KC fellowship, that we should use the #1 pick on him. No way that was going to happen.
        Now, I’m interested to see what Reid can do with Tyler Bray’s attitude & character over the next 3-4 years?

        • Joe Soriano

          Yeah, I think the Bray signing was perfect for the Chiefs. He comes at no risk as a UDFA, so they can cut him at any time if his character issues manifest themselves or if he doesn’t develop as hoped. But if he does shape up and develop consistent accuracy, then Bray could be the answer for this team after Alex Smith given his arm talent. That guy has a cannon.