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New England Patriots Donte' Stallworth in our thoughts

Donte’ Stallworth has been in this league for quite some time, and he is one of my favorite wide receivers in the league. The New England Patriots veteran caught just one pass in one game for the Pats last season, but it was a 62-yard touchdown against the Houston Texans. Stallworth will most likely stay with the Pats this season, as there is mutual interest in getting him back. I would like to see him stay, because he offers something different with his speed and athleticism. Sometimes, I can’t believe how he has stayed that swift at the age of 32.

Anyway, Stallworth and his girlfriend were involved in a hot-air balloon accident in Miami, per ESPN Boston’s Mike Reiss. The balloon hit power lines, and Stallworth suffered burns. Thankfully, he is in stable condition in the hospital, but the scary thing is we don’t know how hurt his girlfriend is. Adam Schefter tweeted that Stallworth will most likely have a full recovery and will resume his football career. This is a really scary incident, and it’s great to hear that Stallworth is in stable condition.

Let our thoughts and prayers be with the New England Patriots veteran wide receiver and especially his significant other, because we don’t have an update on her yet. We should also keep the other passengers in mind as well and hope they are not seriously injured. I wish the best to Stallworth in his recovery and fully hope and expect him to be back and ready to play for, hopefully, the New England Patriots in 2013.

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  • LAtillidie

    Are you kidding me? Thoughts and prayer to an asshole who killed a man in his Bentley while driving under the influence and only gets 24 days in jail?! Wow, but who cares about the crane operator he killed right? Cause this guy is a sports athlete so we put him on a pedestal …he only got 10 years house arrest which means nothing! Fuck this guy, hopes he gets what’s coming to him, any any way or form…..and please stop saying “prayers” they are useless, no one is responding, please grow the F up people, there is no imaginary dictator in the sky listening to everyone’s pointless and selfish “prayers”…

    • Guest

      I am praying for all the passengers involved in the incident, because it is a terrible incident and it is the right thing to do. I’m not going to be swayed by your callous rant about “prayers”, because I believe in a brand of religion based upon “forgiveness”. More to the point, I believe it is morally wrong to berate somebody in the near aftermath of an accident such as this one, and yes, I believe what you are saying is wrong. Those are all fair points, but it is best to give our prayers to somebody involved in an event like this.

      “A Yahoo! Sports story published August 12, 2010, reported that Stallworth’s lawyers indicated he could have fought all charges with “an excellent chance of being found innocent,” but that Stallworth chose to be convicted of a felony to do what he felt was morally right. The article later notes that David Cornwell, one of Stallworth’s attorneys, felt there was irony in the reaction to Stallworth’s decision because the public and media criticized the plea deal without knowing the full story.”

      From Wikipedia.

      I bet if you said what you just commented in real life without any anonymity, it would reflect poorly upon you. We should pray for those involved in these sorts of accidents, whether or not they have a checkered past. He paid his debt to society, and I think we should forgive him for that mistake and also pray for those he killed. Prayers are not a limited quantity, because the “imaginary dictator” listens to “everyone’s pointless and selfish ‘prayers’” in my belief. Why? Because praying for somebody’s health or for the dead is never “pointless” or “selfish” But making the comment you just did is.

      • carl ruiz

        Pray? why dont you make them a sandwich instead , thats more helpful then “praying” does he god respond? how about you “pray” for the millions of children that suffer around the world, and die every day for no fault of their own, but your god allows this, but you “pray” awww how noble of you to “pray” for them, thats better then actually taking action and doing something about it, then your “praying” ugh so ignorant, and useless to “pray” for someone when NO ONE has or ever responded to your prayers, please grow up, stop believing in fairy tales, its 2013, people, one day you will realize their is and never was a god, good luck ;) …..”pray” hahaha lol let me know how that goes lol

  • Gods Man.

    You r wrong the God I serve forgives everyone,it really sounds like u shud b added n those prayes.