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Rob Gronkowski no longer has cast

New England Patriots superstar tight end Rob Gronkowski has been in the news recently for the stuff he’s done while partying, which has drawn the ire of most people over the age of 40 and indifference among people under 30. Or at least, that’s the stereotypical way of looking at it. No matter, though, because the new news regarding Gronkowski is good news and draws positive reactions from all.

Rob Gronkowski is now in the rehab phase of his recovery from his second broken arm. Linked to this piece is a very awesome video from the Patriots official site detailing Gronk’s rehab at an awesome Play 60 even in Belmont, Massachusetts.

Gronk said that he no longer needs a cast, so things are moving forward for Gronk which is definitely great news for Patriots fans. Gronkowski was given extra rest for the postseason after breaking his arm in mid-November on a fluke play against the Indianapolis Colts, but another AFC South team- the Houston Texans- broke Gronk’s arm in the divisional round of the playoffs.

Here is what Gronkowski said about the process, “No cast. It’s been a lot of weeks now; now I’m just in the rehab part of it. Getting it better. Getting it stronger. Getting it totally healthy now. Just taking it day by day, basically, with the rehab. Week by week. Once I’m 100 percent healthy, I’m definitely going to grind, hit it, hit the upper body, get stronger, and get ready for the season.”

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  • rtuinila

    I’m over 50 and have no problem with Gronk’s actions since the end of his season!

    • Joe Soriano

      Yeah, that’s why I added “that’s the stereotypical way of looking at it”, was a bad, sarcastic joke meant to poke fun at some of the Boston columnists berating Gronk for his behavior. Thanks for dropping by Roy and cementing the fact that those sorts of stereotypes don’t hold true.