The Campaign Trail – Rob Gronkowski


With the Presidential election beginning to take some shape, I thought it only fair  to take a look at another important campaign: Rob Gronkowski for the cover of Madden 2013.

Gronk seems to be EVERYWHERE lately and, in case you’ve missed it, they’ve all been pretty entertaining

Taking a shot at Ahmad Bradshaw on MW3

Cream & Sugar this morning?

Who DOESN”T want a Tom Brady puppet?!?

Sportsnation asked “Will it break?!” Come now…

And, of course, making new friends

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  • PatsFanSD

    One of the best signings the Patriots have ever had! I still can’t believe that Belichick lets him get away with it, but I GUARANTEE the Pat’s PR department is high-fiving up and down the aisles! He’s a dream come true! Book this guy on late night! Chappelle’s Show had “A day in the life of Lil’Jon, SNL should have a weekly “Moment of Gronk” hahaha