Musket Fire Super Bowl Prediction

Well it’s almost Super Sunday, so here is my game prediction:

Saints 38, Colts 35

I don’t expect this to be a defensive struggle. Even if Dwight Freeney plays, he won’t be 100%, and I think that helps the Saints with their protections. If the Colts decide to blitz to make up for Freeney, something they’re not known for, Sean Payton will tear that apart with his creative play calling. The Saints defense will be just good enough to slow down Peyton Manning, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they purposely get some roughing the passer penalties to set a physical tone.

Super Bowl MVP: QB Drew Brees

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

  • jo

    you have to drop an awesome article about the “greatest Qb ever” having a 9-9 playoff record LMAO it feels good watching manning crash and burn!!

    • jamie

      Check back Monday night. I’m certainly not going to let this go!