"America's Most Wanted" On High Alert!

The trade between the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs has the NFL world in a frenzy.  It also puts the famous TV show “America’s Most Wanted” on high alert and ready to jump into action.  Why you might be asking yourself?  That’s easy to answer, if the Patriots just traded away two key players in Mike Vrabel and Matt Cassel in exchange for the Chiefs 2nd round pick, Bill Belichick will need protection!  If he was driving force or main man in making the deal, if not he might be spared!

And he’ll need it fast, so call the FBI have them surround the Gillette Stadium offices, field and protect Mr. Bill.  But with all the PISSED OFF, people in New England currently and around the world, it won’t make a difference.  No,agency or amount of security will be able to protect him from the massive angry crowds that will appear and try their best to lynch him.  So after the angry crowd gets to Mr. Belichick, that’s when the show America’s Most Wanted will be needed.  Hey, someone needs to try and find the culprit responsible for his demise.

Making matters worse would be “officially”hearing the Pats were offered the Chiefs first round pick (3) in this years draft, and it was refused.  You don’t turn down a #3 overall for the freak-in 34th overall unless you’ve lost your dam mind!  I know I’m not the only angry Patriots fan at this time, so come on NOW is the time to voice your opinion on this trade and let it OUT!  Please tell me there is more to this trade than what’s known at the moment.  If not I feel bad for Mr. Bill, it won’t be pretty!

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  • John Q

    I am actually  encouraged by this trade. I don’t know if the rumors about being offered the #3 are true..i can’t imagine they are..how woudl Bill turn down a #3 when he could of turned it into 2 #2′s?….I am assuming this was the best offer we had..the #34 overall pick…so with that, I think this was a brilliant move..Vrabel was on the downside, and a free agent next year, the Pats dumped almost $20M, and now have cleared the way for to acquire some real exicting new talent…

  • Darkwhisper

    The Chiefs’ second round pick is like a late first rounder.  There will be excellent quality there.  There were only two teams interested — TB and KC, as far as we heard.  Matt did not agree to any new contract, so the Chiefs may only get one year of services from him.  $14M for a season is what dropped Matt’s value.  If he had been signed up for 5 years at $3 M a year, he would have warranted the 3rd pick.  Pats couldn’t keep him.  You have to believe Bill shopped him to TB, KC, and other logical places.

    Vrabel is class act but on the downside of his career.  So, this trade clears a lot of cap space for Pats early draft choices and to shop for a couple of free agents.

    At the end of the day, we knew Matt had to be traded.  We know he was shopped to every team interested.  So, I think this reflects his “true” market value. 

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  • David

    I know it sounds crazy, but the price teams have to pay for rookies chosen at the top of the draft is exhorbatent for the relative value of the player acquired.  It’s a huge financial investment for the #3 pick, and if we received the #3 back in the trade, there is no guarantee that NE could move down from there.  Very few teams want to trade up that high because of the rookie salary structure currently in place.  I would argue that there is more VALUE for the money invested in a player at the top of the 2nd round.  I know it seems counter-intuitive, but the Pats will get a solid starting caliber player at at #34 for a small fraction of the salary cap hit the #3 would demand.  Sure, I would have liked to have seen a little more compensation, perhaps another pick in the 2010 draft as well, but really, relax everybody.  In Bill We Trust!  He knows what he is doing.

  • Matt

    I agree David.  We turned a 7th round pick into the 34th pick in the draft.  We now have a first, 2 seconds, possibly 2 thirds after the compensatory picks come.  Thats the most of any team in the league.  People really need to relaz and realize its part of the plan.  People are goin mad over on reisses blog and have got really greedy.  Lets be happy his salary is off the books and we can sign some free agents now!!!

  • Matt

    excuse me 3 seconds

  • Matt

    Ray Lewis anybody??

  • Matt DeLucia

    John Q and Darkside;

    You are correct on them saving almost $20 million w/ the trade, so that’s the good news on it.  I still would like to know if the Pats were offered the #3 overall and refused it.  I know it doesn’t mean much now but knowing might make me feel better, somewhat anyways, lol.

    I’d be very happy if the Chiefs aren’t to sign Cassel to a longer contract, but hey I’m sure the Pats did what they felt was best.  Who am I or anyone else to complain we have 3 Lombardi Trophy in this decade alone, so I’m happy.

    Plus we have 4 of the first 57 picks in the April draft, hope we can rebuild the defense and get younger also at the same time.

  • Matt DeLucia

    Sorry, that should be Darkwhisper not Darkside!  I apoligize on that mistake.

  • Matt DeLucia


    Your correct if we did get the 3 overall nothing says we’d be able to trade out of it.  So from a money point that would make sense since what rookies just coming into the NFL get paid before they even take a snap is freak-in pathetic.  There needs to be a salary cap on what incoming are allowed to earn per season and it needs to include any signing bonus a team wants to give.

    And as I said in my reply Bill has been the mastermind behind us getting the 3 titles in this decade.  I’ve calmed down since this was announced.  It only took getting away from the computer for the afternoon to do it, but I’m back and ready to go, lol.

  • Matt DeLucia


    This would be interesting to see if the Pats go after Ray Lewis now.  We never know this could all of been just a part of a much bigger scheme, that’s yet to be unveiled.  If not Lewis we’re in a better position to sign FA’s like Wilfork/Seymour when we need to.

  • John Q

    I don’t think the Pats were offered #3. I think this was the best deal that were pitched and I don’t buy any ESPN reports stating otherwise.
    I think the Pats will use the money saved to secure Wilfork and extend him. I then think they will go after Jabari Greer or another veteran corner. I don’t think Ray Ray is on their radar.
    I woudl not be surprised if they package a couple of second rounders to move up or for another player…They have great flexibility now and this is exactly where BB wants to be in the free agency period and heading into the Draft. Overall, i think a brilliant move…What do you guys think will transpire over this week?…any big signings for the Pats? I woudl really like to see them get a #3 receiver with Gaffney gone…

  • Phil H

    I can live with the second rounder for Cassel, after all it is almost a first round pick.  Not great, but not terrible.  What is don’t get is throwing in Vrabel essentially for free.

  • Matt DeLucia


    We might never know if they were offered the #3 overall and I’ve heard reports that Denver and TB were trying a 3 way deal with the Pats.  Also we might never know how true or accurate it actually was.  But it’s over and done with, the Pats made the deal and I’m feeling better about it.

    Love to see them sign up Wilfork and Seymour to longer deals, we have the added money with unloading close to $20 million in the deal.

    Plus with NE we never know what they might do as far as “wheeling and dealing on draft day” since they have 4 of the top 57 picks and thats only the first 2 rounds for now.

    We do need a #3 WR unless they go after Kelly in the draft, which is a possibility.  The #3 doesn’t have to be a big name just someone that can help out and catch the ball would be nice.  Nate Washington still out last time I checked, you never know!

  • Matt DeLucia


    I think Vrabel was more of the freeing up salary cap than anything.  If that’s the case then I’d expect the Pats to make a BIG NAME move or deal this week.  The 34th pick could get us a bigger name college guy who’s stock might have knocked them out of the 1st round.  I’m happy about it now, I wasn’t after I heard about the deal.

  • David

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see a highly rated Corner picked up in free agency, but I sense that the higher priority is locking up many of our own best players who are scheduled to enter free agency next year.  I’d be delighted to see long term contracts with Wilfork, Mankins and Seymour now that we have the money freed up.  I think it more likely that free agency acquisitions will be more modest financially unless there is some outstanding opportunity for a top caliber player to fill a need.  I don’t see Adalius Thomas out there this year.  Forget Ray Lewis.  Why trade Vrabel to get Lewis?

    As for Vrabel, he was traded away at exactly the same point in his career as was McGinest.  He was also sent to a young team in need of veteran leadership.  I think that’s where his value is greatest at this stage of his career.  Trading older veterans while they can still play is a common practice among the best teams in the league.  Pittsburg does this all the time and consistently reloads with good young talent.  New England has a few young LBs like Crable who was hurt last season but will be like a rookie again this year.  The draft is also very deep at the outside LB/DE end position this year, and I am confident that the Pats will pick up someone to strengthen that position in the first or second round.  As usual BB has great flexibility going into the draft.

    I also wouldn’t be surprised to see some of these picks traded for 2010 picks.  If we do enter an uncapped year in 2010, might not those picks be even more valuable?  I don’t know if they really would be more valuable or not, as I haven’t really thought it all through, but we can be sure that Bill has!

  • John Q

    I would love to see the Pats get a Nate Washington, but I think the Titans are going to secure him. Laverneus Coles is out there as well, but i hear that the Dolphins and Bills might go after him…
    I agree, don’t need a huge name at #3 WR…If the Pats don’t trade any of their 2nd rounders and use them on the draft, I would love to see a WR like Hicks, Bey or someone like that drafted at #34..A young WR we can groom behind Moss and Welker….
    Who know, BB might be gun shy with selecting a WR that high given they guy from FLorida they drafted (name escapes me) who miserably failed.
    This draft is deep at WR. We will probably get an extra 3rd rounder as compensation for Asante, so now your talking 6 picks in the first 3 rounds….
    Ok, lets chat about the draft…what do you guys think the Pats will do?….

  • Matt DeLucia


    Thanks I forgot about Mankins being a FA next year, and Faulk is also I believe.  Those two and Seymour/Wilfork we need to take care of.  I’m happy if over the next few weeks/months before camp opens if we locked a few if not all of them up to longer contracts.

    The Lewis comment was just being thrown out there, not expecting anything to come from it.  Our priority is getting a good, not great 3rd WR now maybe in the FA market or through the draft.  I’d prefer the draft since they’d be younger, maybe sign for less (esp if we got them in the 2 rnd or later) and most likely be with the club longer in the longer run.

    And god I’d hate to see what happens if there’s no “cap” come the 2010 season, those extra draft picks might be a very big blessing at that time.

  • Matt DeLucia

    John Q;

    I wasn’t mentioned the big WR names I’d love to see the Pats grab, I know the league has spies checking this site out looking for the scoop on the Pats (lol), I wish.

    On Coles, I’d pass on him, doesn’t impress me or his injury record.  Maybe, Deion Branch wld want a return to NE, lol.

    I think the WR who’s name escapes you might of been Reche Caldwell or Chad Jackson possibly?

    As far as the draft for the Pats, who knows or can even guess.  The Pats have made more draft day deals over the past few years than some teams have made just regular trades over that time frame.  But I’d have to say use the 23rd on secondary help (maybe Smith from Wake Forest or Delmas from Wstn Michigan) and maybe have a shot at WR Hicks from NC in the 2nd w/ the 34 pick if he falls a little.

    Regardless of what they do/or don’t do it will be interesting to watch it.

  • John Q


    Branch back to the Pats woudl be interesting. Pay him the minimum and I think we could get a good quality #3 if he can stay healthy.
    I’m going on record…I think the Pats use their 23rd on an OLB or ILB. Larry English, Clay Matthews, Cushing (if he falls) is my guess. I’m guessing they make a play at Safety/CB in round 2, picking up 1 of each and then add a WR unless Hicks or someone like that falls to 34, then they use that on WR and get a Safety/CB with the other 2nd round slots.
    Like you said, you never know with the Pats, but I think one thing we can count on is a heavy dose of defense for the remainder of FA or via the draft.

  • David

    I look for defense in the first two rounds.  I don’t think they’ll take a WR before the third round.  I onlu see an offensive player taken early if a good OL or TE falls to them.

    Branch back in NE?  Stranger things have happened!

  • Matt DeLucia

    John Q & David;

    I’m sticking on Smith from Wake for the time being.  But I’d be happy with an English or Matthews also.  Either get a safety/CB or LB with 1st two picks unless someone like a Hicks fails to them at #34.  Defense is the main priority I’m hoping!

    And I think Branch could be a nice weapon, if he STAYS healthy and signed.  Lord knows he’s been pretty good with Brady at QB in the past.

    I can tell we’re going to a lot of fun going back and forth talking about the upcoming draft.