Renaming The Super Bowl!

Everyone knows the biggest sports event in the world.  It’s the Super Bowl!  Hands down the most watched sporting event throughout the world.  Millions upon millions tune into the NFL’s biggest game each year.  For some it’s for their love of the game, others it’s just simply to see the high priced commercials. 

No matter what the reason is, people just watch and enjoy it.  And at the end of the championship games today, we just might be renaming the Super Bowl.  If both the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles walk away victorious, the renaming will begin.  Here a few things we could now call it.

  1. The Pennsylvania Bowl
  2. Brotherly Love vs The Steel City Bowl
  3. The Who Gives A Crap Bowl
  4. The Least Watched Bowl
  5. The NFL’s Worst Nightmare Bowl

Those are just a few of the new names we could now call the Super Bowl.  Or they could just borrow a name from the college ranks.  It seems like they have a billion names for their bowls. 

For the NFL, what a nightmare this could turn into.  Who’d watch it?  Who’d care?  Not many that’s for sure.  Only fans of the Steelers and Eagles and truly die hard football people would.  Ratings will plummet deeper than the stock market.  Sponsors will jump ship pulling their ads, faster than a teenage kid with a porno pulls his pud.

So here’s hoping that either the Arizona Cardinals or the Baltimore Ravens can some how manage a victory.  We love football.  We  love the Super Bowl!  And we have no desire what so ever to watch a Super Bowl featuring the Steelers and Eagles.  Not this year, or next year, or ever!

  Let today be the day of the birds.  Let’s go Cardinals and Ravens, PLEASE one of you has to win.

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  • The Ebony Bird

    To be very nerdy, the World Cup Final is actually watched by more people worldwide than the Super Bowl.  Both are football, though.  GO RAVENS

  • Raising Zona (Scott)

    Classic!  I love it.  I guess there is no love loss for the Steelers huh?  I am about to head out the door to the bar and grill to watch this one since I couldn’t afford the bank loan needed to score a ticket to the game.  GO CARDS!!

  • Matt DeLucia

    Ebony & Zona;

    Yes it’s being just a tad nerdy, lol.  Sorry to see the Ravens go down today.   Was really hoping for an all “birds” SB this yr.

    Great game today Arizona!  Congratulations on your first trip to the big game.  Please go and beat the tar out of the Steelers.  I’m begging you with every ounce of my being. 

    It would be great to see Warner and Co, finish this Cinderella season with them raising the Lombardi trophy.  Go Cards!